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New Designs are hitting the shop....

cactus leopard new design penguins reusable sandwich pouch reusable wrap succulent zero waste

Hello Woolla's

It's been a busy busy week, firstly finally taking the plunge 5 years in the dithering to make a website live... mostly forced by Instagram, if honest, as they told us "we don't own Etsy" which was not a shock to be fair..

You have to own your site to tag products on Instagram so we took the leap. It turns out we quite like the added flexibility and things that we can do for customers that make it easier for them to shop on the website than our Etsy store... we are still on Etsy because, after all we do like Etsy's global advertising budget!

However, it hs been a steep learning curve and frustrating at times so I was very pleased to get back to Poppins Pouch making...

We have some new designs hitting the shop: Catctus, Succulents, Orchids, Pink Leopards and Penguins...


~Big Woolla~




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