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Spring is... rambling

Not quite here yet, but it is bouncing a little if not in full scale leaping spring time.

It's been a tough this year so far with the home learning & hokey cokey furloughing of the PWIT giving ever shifting sands to the routine, but the end is in sight, only 5 more days of home learning!

Woolla Woolla is now on THE tiktok as Teen Woolla said we need to be, I do not understand it nor do I see what the draw is either, but, we are giving THE tiktok a go which has been interesting!

(We have to call it THE tiktok as it irritates Teen Woolla which as he is a Teen it is Big Woolla's raison d'etre)

Mistake 1

Do not tell them you are an Accountant on there even if you are, as it does not mean the same thing as the books and numbers kind like me.

Mistake 2

Do not be nice and merrily like a whole bunch of somones content, Tiktok doesn't like that and penalises the person you think you are helping - oops!

Anyhoo, we are still managing to list 5 new designs a week, which is working really well to give you even more ready to post choices, we have had a lot of fabrics in that have not been added to the fabric vault.

We are now getting the hang of all the new places Instagram has given you to hear all about us, Facebook is a whole heap of eurgh at the moment, all the Auto Bots are doing really weird things and there is a whole follow/like issue with pages.

We sat and re-thought our whole process in December and sorted all the wonderous bits of Woolla HQ into cogs, we are slowly fitting them all back together working up to a finely tuned whirring machine of efficiency. Well, thats the plan!

To round up February it turned out that it was quite a lucky month, I won a prize for my "art", I won a bottle of rum when buying fabric AND most exciting of all Nana Woolla gave me an Overlocker for my birthday. On a Woolla HQ front we sorted our packaging out and now we have pretty paper tape that is recylable.. EXCITING!!!! - not even sorry about the exclamation marks I have a stationery fetish and plain brown was not floating my boat. We purchased some tissue paper that is pretty but was destined for landfill and now it gets to be used before being recycled - Hurrah!

Anyhoo, ramblings over for now


~Big Woolla~



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