Tri Keyring Poppins Pouch

These vegan keyring pouches are surprisingly roomy and are great for popping on your keys or attaching to a rucksack, school bag or handbag.

They are perfect for small snacks, dried fruit is a particular favourite at Woolla HQ for school and out and about in general too as the Little Woolla's can carry their own nutritious snacks, they also allow for portion control and easy sharing out of large bags of snacks & sweets.

For keeping essential non food items to hand they are also fit the bill fabulously as trolley tokens, dummies/soothers, ear buds/phones, hair bands/grips, lip gloss/blam, small change, condoms, tablets, etc can all be popped in a Tri-Keyring Poppins Pouch and carried about with you.

Simply remove the split ring, turn inside out and pop in the dishwasher or wsahing machine to clean, you can also just turn inside out and wipe the lining clean too!

These save you money and save the planet as you can portion your own snacks instead of buying pre-packaged individually packed items, buying in bulk is cheaper and you don't need to purchase single use plastic bags as you can use your pouch over and over again.

However, we can custom make you a Poppins Pouch in (almost!) any size you would like.

Additionally, if none of the ready to post pouch designs are quite what you are looking for you can have a pouch made to order from any of these fabrics in THE FABRIC VAULT either in a standard or custom size.

Check out the #Poppins100 HERE to see 100+ uses for a Poppins Pouch

Do not hesitate to message us if you have any queries or are looking for a specific design of fabric that we do not have in stock, we may be able to source the design that you would like and make the pouch you need!


~Big Woolla~