Introducing The #Poppins100

bashing chocolate chocolate chips Poppins100 Use No 002

Hello Woolla's

If you are a new customer you might be wondering what the #Poppins100 is... Well it started as 100 things you can do with a Poppins Pouch as it turned out lots and lots of people (me included) do not just use them for food...

So we got to 100 and then we got to 200 and now we are well on the way to 300.

You can send us pictures of how you use your pouch and we will include them in the #Poppins100 we love seeing them and it also gives us ideas.

My most fabulous use that is food related was sent in by Claire from The Frugal Family - Ethical Wellbeing & Budgeting Specialist it is bashing chocolate up for cooking, pop it in a pouch bash away with the rolling pin, pour out the chocolate chips, saves a fortune as chocolate chips are expensive and a bar of chocolate is not plus you just wash the Poppins Pouch and it is good to go again! I also use a Poppins Pouch to bash biscuits for cheesecake bases and the like too so I am very grateful for the suggestion.

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