Sandwich, Snack, Bikini, Medication, Lunch, Bag Pouch Wrap Box Case Accessory Washable Waterproof Line Cotton  Medium Shooting Arrows
Woolla Woolla Handmade

Sandwich, Snack, Bikini, Medication, Lunch, Bag Pouch Wrap Box Case Accessory Washable Waterproof Line Cotton Medium Shooting Arrows

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What is a Poppins Pouch?

Well it is a perfectly practical pouch. Fabric zip pouch with food safe waterproof washable liner that are washable in Dish Washer & Washing Machine!

This listing is for a Medium Poppins Pouch

And the main reason I designed these....The rubbish in your child’s lunch box, I don’t know about you but when my Little Woolla’s come home from school with their lunch box, there is no greater delight that attempting to clean runny whiffy yoghurt out of the stitching of their favourite lunch box, I have trained mine to put all their rubbish in the Poppins Pouch I sent with their sandwich or wrap in and zip it up, then all I have to do is empty the pouch and stick it in the washing machine or dishwasher and believe me the pouch fits far easier than a lunch box and is easier to dry!

These can be washed in either dishwasher or washing machine. I tend to turn them inside out to wash them, You can put them through the tumble dryer and they can be ironed on the fabric side. The zip is nylon and you should avoid ironing the zip.

Poppins Pouches come in 8 Standard Sizes, but we can make you a Custom Poppins Pouch in almost any size you require, just send us a message!

Pippins ~ Approx 3.75 x 3.5 Inch - £3.00

Keyring Triangle Pouch ~Approx 3 inch on each side - £3.00 *Includes Split ring

Small ~ Approx 5 Inch Square - £4.00

Straw/Cutlery –
Short/Top Zip - Approx 10 ¼ Inch x 4 Inch - £4.00
Long Zip - Approx 11 1/2 Inch x 4 Inch - £4.00

Medium ~ Approx 6.5 Inch Square - £4.50

Large~ Approx 8.5 Inch Square - £5.00

Handy~ Approx 8.5 x 10 Inch with 5 Inch Strap (10 Inch Loop) £7.50

Pattern Placement & Zip Colour May Vary

I can make custom size pouches for you and add things like a clip to hang on your belt or dog lead, hooks to hang them up, and key rings

The uses for these pouches are endless... I should know I have them stashed all over the place.
To show you all the lovely uses I am starting the #Poppins100 lots of companies will be joining in with me showing you 100 uses of the Poppins Pouch over 100 days...
So... here are some...

Whole Fruit
Cut Fruit
Pet Treats
Bunches of Keys
Geo Caching Kits
First Aid on the go
Nappies, wipes, spare clothes for little ones
Sanitary Products
Tenna Lady and a spare pair of kniokers for those oops moments
Receipts you need to keep
Tickets to Events
Spare Change
Perfect as a small zip purse
Tokens for Tolls etc
Travel Documents
Store your craft supplies in them
Rubbish bag in the car
Bicycle Repair kit on the bike
Make Up
Soap & Other Toiletries to give as a gift
Toiletries Bag
Wet Swim Bag
Breast Pads
Spare Tights
Crabbing Line or Bait
Fishing Kit
Shell Collecting Pouch
Sauce Sachets