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Poppins100 - 100+ Uses For A Poppins Pouch

We love 💚 seeing our creations being used in the wild outside Woolla HQ, so please do send us pictures of you using your Poppins Pouch or tag us 🏷️ #Poppins100 on social media

(We are currently updating for 2021)


#Poppins100 - Use No 001 for a Poppins Pouch

We had to kick off the year with one of our Small Poppins Pouches attached to the Fridge by a Magnet, perfect to pop pen, pad or any other small bits n bobs in to grab quickly & easily!

It also helps us note down any shopping needs to celebrate the Foodie Days of The Year 2021 from My LegoMan

#Poppins100 - Use No 002 for a Poppins Pouch

We are going for the obvious here, they are great for a Sandwich! Especially a Medium Sized Poppins Pouch which fits a Sandwich in perfectly a great vegan alternative to the plastic disposable sandwich bag or bees wax wrap.

This was sent to us by our wonderful friends over at The Frugal Family

#Poppins100 - Use No 003 for a Poppins Pouch

Normal sized reusable straws were not cutting the mustard for our homemade smoothies and extra thick milkshakes and so we got some of these big jumbo smoothie straws from Switch & Ditch which fit perfectly in a Long Zip Straw/Cutlery Pouch so we can take them with us when we are out and about too!

#Poppins100 - Use No 004 for a Poppins Pouch

A Medium Sized Poppins Pouch is great for storing all the lovely yummy Vegan Pick N Mix Sweeties, nuts and chocolate you can have delivered to your door by the heavenly people over at BeeVees They deliver locally or via post nationally as well making it easy for you to get your treat fix in Veganuary.

#Poppins100 - Use No 005 for a Poppins Pouch

On National Sausage Day one of our Small Poppins Pouches is the right size to take along your sausage snacks plant based or otherwise to celebrate all things sausage!

#Poppins100 Use No 006 For a Poppins Pouch

Depending on your appetite either a Pippins Poppins Pouch or a Medium Poppins Pouch is a good size to pop your yummy Shortbread into on National Shortbread Day We simply adore the fabulous choc chip shortbread baked by Shina from our local Country Markets The one we use is Romsey Country Market!

#Poppins100 Use no 007 for a Poppins Pouch

We live in envy of Lynzi's skills over at Hooking Marvellous Yarns she uses a Large Poppins Pouch to keep her WIP's organised and easy to grab.

Her hand dyed yarn is a dream to work with and is firmly hidden from The Littlest Little Woolla at Woolla HQ! Everyone can enjoy working with her high quality unique yarns too as she ships internationally so you can all join in with National Hobby Month.

Handy Fridge Organiser

#Poppins100 Use No 008 for a Poppins Pouch

Big Woolla is always losing her lip balm or havig it snaffled by The Little Woolla's and so she finds a Pippins Poppins Pouch is great for popping one of the lip balms from The Good Soap an excellant Small Business that makes all their own products in Wales they are eco friendly too!

#Poppins100 Use No 009 for a Poppins Pouch

As it is Apricot Day today we thought we would show you how Teen Woolla uses a Pippins Poppins Pouch for a snack of dried apricots in his lunch box for school.

They are just the right size for a portion of them and are also useful when going on picnics, walks or marathons without the single use plastic bag waste. It also means you can buy in bulk and portion them out.

#Poppins100 Use No 010 for a Poppins Pouch

An Explorer Pack from Fairies Away - The Portal To Fairyland is a wonderous thing for children. It is packed with information about nature and activities that they can do on a walk and at home. Big Woolla has given them as gifts to all the Small People in her life!

An Explorer pack will keep them entertained for hours, come rain or shine & get them exploring all the Magic nature has to offer!

#Poppins100 Use No 011 for a Poppins Pouch

These beautiful sets are from Vieness Discover You Love You CIC There are currently two to choose from; Confidence cards to give yourself a positive boost or Happiness cards to brighten your day.

Both are lucious travel size cards which you can use anytime, anywhere! One side has an inspirational quote, the other a positive task! To help you with that self love everyone needs.

#Poppins100 Use No 012 for a Poppins Pouch

If you love loose tea and want it to travel with you for work & play then use a Poppins Pouch for your mug & tea infuser and another for your loose tea.

We get our tea from The Rutland Tea Co and it travels with Big Woolla to shows, picnics or long walks along with a big flask of hot water so she can enjoy a decent freshly brewed cuppa anywhere!

#Poppins100 Use No 013 for a Poppins Pouch

January 13th is National Rubber Ducky Day and Poppins Pouches are also great for storing all your Rubber Duckies and bath toys in too. They also are an excellant travel solution for sand pit toys as well.

#Poppins100 Use No 014 for a Poppins Pouch

Cat Food Storage! This was sent to us by a lovely client in Switzerland who uses Poppins Pouches to portion out and store cat food.

#Poppins100 Use No 015 for a Poppins Pouch

Not just for food, Poppins Pouches are just perfect for bath & beauty product storage too. The Littlest Little Woolla loves the fruity scents from Michelle's Bath & Beauty she always has the best deals and was exceptionally helpful too with suggestions for products best suited to Teen Woolla's skin!

#Poppins100 Use No 016 for a Poppins Pouch

We adore these cards and think they are gorgeous! Lucy Rose Illustrations uses a Poppins Pouch to tote her artistry supplies around with her.

We also hear she has written and illustrated a book too called "Gracie & Ella Rescue Pups", there is no end to her talents it seems!

Artistry supplies work well in a Poppins Pouch especially as they are washable too

#Poppins100 Use No 017 for a Poppins Pouch.

The International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) is celebrated on 17th January and so to celebrate we put our Riciarelli in our Poppins Pouches today as part of our lunch!

We get ours from the talented Shina from Country Markets The one we use is Romsey Country Market!

#Poppins100 Use No 018 for a Poppins Pouch.

Big Woolla is forever losing her stitch markers at the bottom of the Pouch she keeps her crochet hooks in, so the solution was to use a Pippins Poppins Pouch to keep them in.

This means that they don't get tangle up with other things and they are easy to find and grab when you need to mark your place.

#Poppins100 Use No 019 for a Poppins Pouch.

19th January is National Popcorn Day, although we are poochless we got this handmade peanut butter dog treat popcorn from Chico's Delights and Sidney our neighbours dog absolutely adored them. If you are out on a walk and want to just take a few treats for your dog then putting them in a Poppins Pouch is the perfect solution!

#Poppins100 Use No 020 for a Poppins Pouch .

A Straw/Cutlery Pouch is great for storing or travelling with your Toothbrush & Tabs.

If it gets a bit damp it won't leak on the rest of the items in you bag or if it gets gunky then you can just pop it in the dishwasher or washing machine to give it a clean making it a great hygienic pouch for your oral needs.

#Poppins100 Use No 021 for a Poppins Pouch.

Big Woolla purchased this Ash bookmark from Cottage Coppicing

It was a christmas present for Nana Woolla as her birth Tree is the Ash, Nana Woolla is also an avid book worm and so for the woman who has everything is was a perfect gift. You can keep your bookmarks and other book related bits n bobs

#Poppins100 Use No 022 for a Poppins Pouch.

You can keep all your personalised pencils from Rockery Cottage in a Poppins Pouch, Big Woolla finds it helps to keep her precious pencils in! 22nd January is also National Polka Dot Day!

#Poppins100 Use No 023 for a Poppins Pouch .

We are Proud Business Partners with My VIP Card and if you are a member you get a discount with us

Up to 40% off cinema trips , up to 50% off theme park and days out , up to 25% off gym memberships , discounted supermarket shopping, high street retail and most importantly discount at small independent businesses just like us!

#Poppins100 Use No 024 for a Poppins Pouch.

Ling from Compassionate Cuppa uses a Pouch to keep her clean masks in ready for her to pop on when needed. If you have two Poppins Pouches for Masks you can have one for clean and one for used and as there are 100's of designs to choose from it means that you can ensure you don't mix up the two.

Compassionate Cuppa is a Community Interest Company for individuals who experience challenges in their mental health

#Poppins100 Use No 025 for a Poppins Pouch .

When we received these wax melts from Mrs Mac we knew they would be perfect for this Poppins Pouch use for today as it is Burns Night and coupled with the Purple Thistle design they looked fab.

All the different scents we ordered smell amazing too!

#Poppins100 Use No 026 for a Poppins Pouch.

Louise from Louise Goodchild Designs uses a pouch to keep her smaller projects together whilst working on her whimsical wirework creations and wearable art.

Big Woolla adores her creations and not only has her own little collection but has also gifted a number of them too!

#Poppins100 Use No 027 for a Poppins Pouch.

Medications can be kept clean, organised and easily contained within a Poppins Pouch.

It also means you can discretely carry them with you wherever and whenever you need them too.

#Poppins100 Use No 028 for a Poppins Pouch.

A Small Poppins Pouch is the perfect size to pop in a postal cookie from Tierly Beloved.

She has a dozen flavours to choose from and they are homemade and freshly baked then the fleetest of feet are used to get them through your letter box. They probably won't last until lunchtime or afternoon tea (They didn't at Woolla HQ the aroma when you open the box is sublime and the taste is out of this world too!

#Poppins100 Use No 029 for a Poppins Pouch.

If you are joining in with National Corn Chip Day then grab your pouch and fill it up with some corn chips!

Poppins Pouches are great for helping you to portion out large bags of Corn Chips saving you money by buying in bulk and the plant by having less waste!

#Poppsin100 Use No 030 for a Poppins Pouch.


Croissants are so versatile either with something sweet inside like jam or chocolate nut spread or savoury they are a good alternative to a sandwich for lunch or toast for breakfast they are one of The Littlest Little Woolla's favouritest foods!

We like the ones from our local 108 The Bakery they make them using locally sourced ingredients & organic local flour. Their bread and pastries are amazing!

#Poppins100 Use No 031 for a Poppins Pouch.

It is Hot Chocolate Day! We loved our hot chocolate swirly sticks we bought from Gifts By Shaz

You swirl the stick in the hot milk and it melts into a rich tasty hot chocolate drink and all the marshmallows are released into your brew.

A great antidote to a grey dreary cold winter day or an instant warmer after a frosty winter walk!

#Popppins100 Use No 032 for a Poppins Pouch.

Dark Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts are one of Big Woolla's favourite ways to eat nuts.

A Poppins Pouch are a great place to store them and indeed buy them lose in, saving the shop from using a disposable bag, albeit a paper one. This is definitely on the shopping list when we visit Humbugs Of Romsey our local independant sweet shop!

#Poppins100 Use No 033 for a Poppins Pouch.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) says it is fine to feed small amounts of bread to ducks but people should also feed them sweetcorn, porridge oats, peas and bird seed.

We use a Large Poppins Pouch to decant our duck seed into which we also add any leftover lettuce and greens to as well when we go to feed the ducks, it doesn't matter if it ends up in a mud patch or loved rather hard as we can just pop it in the washing machine when we get home so it is clean and ready to use another day!

Use No 034 .

#Poppins100 Use No 035 for a Poppins Pouch.

When we go on a picnic or take snacks on our travels the "PWIT" likes to take along mushrooms as he loves raw mushrooms. Using a Poppins Pouch to transport them is great as if there are left overs you simply zip them up and take them home again, saving on disposable plastic bags and potential food waste too!

#Poppins 100 Use No 036 for a Poppins Pouch.

It does not matter what the weather is like on Weatherpersons Day a nice cuppa and a Rock Cake makes everything better.

If you are not a star baker it doesn't matter the Littlest Woolla loves Rock Cakes, but not any old rock cakes, she likes these rock star rock cakes made by one of our favourite home bakers Shina from Country Markets The one we use is Romsey Country Market!

#Poppins100 Use No 037 for a Poppins Pouch

It is Chopsticks Day, Straw/Cutlery Poppins Pouches are great for chopsticks too!

The Little Woolla's get quite excited when chopsticks are on the table as they know that means noodles of some description for dinner, not been brave enough to send them with chopsticks when they have "leftovers" in their thermal pots for school lunch yet as it can all get a bit messy but it makes mealtimes more exciting if nothing else!

Use No 038 .

Use No 039 .

Use No 040 .

#Poppins100 Use No 041 for a Poppins Pouch.

Everyone needs a Shower Steamer or 6 in their life! Pop these beauties in the shower whilst you are in there and they release various essential oils that roll up and all over you in the steam.

There are a variety of "flavours" that perform miracles, well they do for Big Woolla anyway, from relieving tension headaches to clearing sinus' when she has a head cold. At Woolla HQ we buy ours from Rustic Handmades

Use No 042 .

Use No 043 .

Use No 044 .

Use No 045 .

Use No 046 .

#Poppins100 Use No 047 for a Poppins Pouch.

Pop your Almonds in a Tri-Keyring Poppins Pouch so you have a quick simple & easy way to transport a snack of almonds with you wherever you go!

Almonds are great for you and contain a massive amount of nutrients, you can buy big bags and decant them into Poppins Pouches as you need them and you can even use the Poppins Pouch as your container when visiting zero waste stores!

Use No 048 .

Use No 049 .

Use No 050 .

Use No 051 .

Use No 052 .

Use No 053 .

Use No 054 .

Use No 055 .

Use No 056 .

Use No 057 .

Use No 058 .

Use No 059 .

Use No 060 .

Use No 061 .

Use No 062 .

Use No 063 .

Use No 064 .

Use No 065 .

Use No 066 .

Use No 067 .

Use No 068 .

Use No 069 .

Use No 070 .

Use No 071 .

Use No 072 .

Use No 073 .

Use No 074 .

Use No 075 .

Use No 076 .

Use No 077 .

Use No 078 .

Use No 079 .

Use No 080 .

Use No 081 .

Use No 082 .

Use No 083 .

Use No 084 .

Use No 085 .

Use No 086 .

Use No 087 .

Use No 088 .

Use No 089 .

Use No 090 .

Use No 091 .

Use No 092 .

Use No 093 .

Use No 094 .

Use No 095 .

Use No 096 .

Use No 097 .

Use No 098 .

Use No 099 .

Use No 100 .

Use No 101 .

Use No 102 .

Use No 103 .

Use No 104 .

Use No 105 .

Use No 106 .

Use No 107 .

Use No 108 .

Use No 109 .

Use No 110 .

Use No 111 .

Use No 112 .

Use No 113 .

Use No 114 .

Use No 115 .

Use No 116 .

Use No 117 .

Use No 118 .

Use No 119 .

Use No 120 .

Use No 121 .

Use No 122 .

Use No 123 .

Use No 124 .

Use No 125 .

Use No 126 .

Use No 127 .

Use No 128 .

Use No 129 .

Use No 130 .

Use No 130 .

Use No 132 .

Use No 133 .

Use No 134 .

Use No 135 .

Use No 136 .

Use No 137 .

Use No 138 .

Use No 139 .

Use No 140 .

Use No 141 .

Use No 142 .

Use No 143 .

Use No 144 .

Use No 145 .

Use No 146 .

Use No 147 .

Use No 148 .

Use No 149 .

Use No 150 .

Use No 151 .

Use No 152 .

Use No 153 .

Use No 154 .

Use No 155 .

Use No 156 .

Use No 157 .

Use No 158 .

Use No 159 .

Use No 160 .

Use No 161 .

Use No 162 .

Use No 163 .

Use No 164 .

Use No 165 .

Use No 166 .

Use No 167 .

Use No 168 .

Use No 169 .

Use No 170 .

Use No 171 .

Use No 172 .

Use No 173 .

Use No 174 .

Use No 175 .

Use No 176 .

Use No 177 .

Use No 178 .

Use No 179 .

Use No 180 .

Use No 181 .

Use No 182 .

Use No 183 .

Use No 184 .

Use No 185 .

Use No 186 .

Use No 187 .

Use No 188 .

Use No 189 .

Use No 190 .

Use No 191 .

Use No 192 .

Use No 193 .

Use No 194

Use No 195 .

Use No 196 .

Use No 197 .

Use No 198 .

Use No 199 .

Use No 200 .

Use No 201 .

Use No 202 .

Use No 203 .

Use No 204 .

Use No 205 .

Use No 206 .

Use No 207 .

Use No 208 .

Use No 209 .

Use No 210 .

Use No 211 .

Use No 212 .

Use No 213 .

Use No 214 .

Use No 215 .

Use No 216 .

Use No 217 .

Use No 218 .

Use No 219 .

Use No 220 .

Use No 221 .

Use No 222 .

Use No 223 .

Use No 224 .

Use No 225 .

Use No 226 .

Use No 227 .

Use No 228 .

Use No 229 .

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Use No 232 .

Use No 233 .

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Use No 235 .

Use No 236 .

Use No 237 .

Use No 238 .

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Use No 249 .

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Use No 253 .

Use No 254 .

Use No 255 .

Use No 256 .

Use No 257 .

Use No 258 .

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Use No 276 .

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Use No 282 .

Use No 283 .

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Use No 285 .

Use No 286 .

Use No 287 .

Use No 288 .

Use No 289 .

Use No 290 .

Use No 291 .

Use No 292 .

Use No 293 .

Use No 294 .

Use No 295 .

Use No 296 .

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